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  1. Introduction
  2. Doba API


What does Doba do?

Doba is an Inventory on Demand platform designed to solve the major pain points with inventory management. The platform is the technology infrastructure to support a virtual warehouse and fulfillment system as well as the relationships with hundreds of suppliers. These suppliers are capable of drop shipping their inventory of products on behalf of retailers directly to end customers.

How much does it cost to get products live on your website and keep them updated? How much does it cost to onboard new suppliers and product catalogs? How much overhead do you lose in the ongoing management of products and catalogs? How quickly can you get new products and/or supplier up and running on your website? Doba can help address these business challenges and maximize your return on investment with our Inventory on Demand platform. Doba will save you time and resources so you can focus on growing your business. No longer will you incur expenses testing new suppliers, finding new suppliers, and sorting/filtering/standardizing data. You can test new products, move into new product lines, find new suppliers and access their virtual catalogs, and ultimately sell more products to your customers without near the cost of trying to do all of that yourself. You can also avoid the hassles of storing, packing, shipping and handling the products.


Inventory on Demand: Technology Infrastructure

Doba has been developing our technology infrastructure for over 5 years and has invested millions of dollars in building a robust and scalable virtual warehouse and fulfillment system. We have also enabled an API so that you can use our website interfaces and programmatically access our service.


Inventory on Demand: Products and Suppliers

With one connection to Doba's platform you are linked to over 3,400,000 unique SKU's and more than 7,700 manufacturers. Instead of creating separate and costly relationships with suppliers one at a time, with one integration to Doba you are connected with an expansive virtual catalog. You can grow and scale your business more effectively through our Inventory on Demand platform.

We support both direct relationships and brokered relationships with suppliers. This means you can either pay the supplier directly and use all of our data aggregation, order management, catalog updates, etc OR order through us acting as a broker on your behalf. We are indifferent to the relationship type as we do not add margin to product costs.

Direct Relationships

On the direct side, it allows you to keep special pricing and merchandising/marketing support that you may enjoy from working directly with the supplier. You use Doba for our data aggregation and feeds, order management, catalog updates, etc.

Brokered Relationships

This allows you to test suppliers without going through the full account setup. It also means that in many cases (especially with more fringe suppliers), you can get better pricing than if you were to go direct because of the order volumes we send the supplier.

We do not charge suppliers any fees, nor are there integration fees. We specialize in rapid, standardized onboarding of direct-fulfillment suppliers and their catalogs. Since we do not charge manufacturers for inclusion in our catalog, there is generally very little barrier in gaining compliance. Manufacturers control retailer access to their data which is a win for both them and the suppliers.

Because we offer both Direct and Brokered options and are indifferent to which you pick for each supplier, it also means that we can onboard your existing suppliers, integrate new manufacturers, and/or give you immediate access to our current supply base.



Doba API


The Doba API allows Retailers to access product data, submit orders, fund orders and follow orders through the fulfillment process programmatically.

The Doba API utilizes industry standard Web Services solutions that allow Retailers to automate the retrieval of product data and submittal of orders allowing for a seamless integration between the Retailers online presence and the fulfillment of orders through the Doba Inventory on Demand Platform.



The Doba API utilizes industry standard Web Services solutions, including SOAP and XML, in an effort to simplify the integration process and to ensure compatibility among software platforms.

Because the API operates as a Web Service, you are not limited to a specific set of web platform environments. Any platform that is able to communicate via SOAP or XML via HTTP POST requests can utilize the Doba API.


Previous API Versions

The Doba API is versioned to allow easy updates and additions without the need for you to imediately update a currently running integration.

Below are listed the previous versions of the Doba API. To link to a previous version click on the corresponding link.


Obtaining an API Account

If you are not working with a Doba account manager, please contact Doba Enterprise <> to set up your account.

When you are ready to begin development you will be provided with account information for use in the sandbox environment as well as in the production environment. We ask that all development be performed using the sandbox. The sandbox is a separate server that mimics Doba's production server which allows you to develop your implementation without fear of impacting the production environment.