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Doba Retailer API

Product API

Allows for the retrieval of on-demand and up-to-the-minute product data from the Doba platform.

These methods allow you to obtain product details, product inventory updates and search the Doba catalog.


getSuppliers Request Parameters

getSuppliers Response Parameters


getItemSearch Request Parameters

getItemSearch Response Parameters


getProductDetail Request Parameters

getProductDetail Response Parameters


getProductInventory Request Parameters

getProductInventory Response Parameters


getWarehouseFolders Request Parameters

getWarehouseFolders Response Parameters





Order API

Allows for the submittal of orders to the Doba platform as well as the retrieval of current order status and shipping/tracking data.

Orders submitted via the API can be funded directly within the API call using several different payment methods.

Current order status can be called at any time although status updates will be provided in real-time through callback's.


orderLookup request

orderLookup response


createOrder request

createOrder response


fundOrder request

fundOrder response


getOrderDetail request

getOrderDetail response


getOrders request

getOrders response





Callbacks are sent to the URL on file to notify your system of changes in order status, product status, etc. Callbacks are essential to keeping the end-user up to date with the most accurate information available to the Doba platform.

Refer to the Sandbox Web Site section for information regarding the callback URL.

Callbacks are sent as an HTTP POST to the callback URL stored in your account. In PHP, the XML data is contained in the $_POST['xml'] variable.

To ensure proper security for callback updates, you should only accept callbacks originating from IP address range of 64.58.224.x.


Product/Inventory Updates

Product and inventory information can be automatically sent to your system whenever a supplier updates a product that is stored in the retailers watchlist.

The product update callbacks will utilize the XML response within the getProductDetail API method.

The inventory update callbacks will utilize the XML response within the getProductInventory API method.

In order to receive automicatic updates via callbacks, the following criteria must be meet:

Order Updates

Order updates will be delivered to your system whenever a funded order has been updated by the supplier.

The data contained in the callback is identical to the data received via the getOrderDetail API method.

When testing callbacks in the Sandbox environment the shipping information is automatically generated and the order status updates every 1-2 mintues after an order is funded.