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Featured Article: Hands Down. There's Risk in Being Risk Averse
Stuart Lisonbee, Doba Marketer, discusses the need for entrepreneurs to understand the risks involved with going into business for yourself, and how that gamble can pay off..

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Member Q&A: Doba Tutorial: Doba Watch Lists Feature
Jason Cook, Doba's Marketing Technology Specialist, introduces the multimedia tutorial that explains how to set up and use the Doba Watch Lists Feature. Do you have a question you want answered? Email

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Supplier Information: New Suppliers and Products from the Doba Product Catalog
Expand your niche with new products and suppliers added to the Doba Product Catalog.


Featured Article Featured Article: Hands Down. There's Risk in Being Risk Averse

By Stuart Lisonbee, Marketing - Doba

As any avid poker player knows, 2-7 is considered to be the worst starting hand in Texas Hold 'Em. The reasons are simple: these two cards have the worst odds of improving and therefore, any other player at the table is virtually guaranteed to have a better hand. Said another way, these are the two lowest cards you can have that can't make a straight (there's four cards between 2 and 7) and even if they are suited, they make for a very low flush. Heck, even if you manage to scramble up a pair from either of them, it's going to be a pitiful pair.

The bottom line? There's a high risk that you're going to lose money by playing 2-7. That being said, it is possible to win with 2-7. But to do so, you must first play it, and that's really the point of today's blog post.

If you study the stories of some of the world's most celebrated entrepreneurs, you'll find that risk — and luck — are a big part of their early entrepreneurial days. John Paul Jones Dejoria, cofounder of John Paul Mitchell Systems and a reported billionaire and homeless person at various stages of his illustrious life (I wrote about him back on the 25th of January), has said that he, "…should have gone bankrupt 50 times" in the early days of his career.

Doba's own Jeremy Hanks (our co-founder and president) has discussed his luck as an entrepreneur on his personal blog, And Kemmons Wilson, the founder of Holiday Inn, was fond of saying, "Success requires half luck and half brains."

I'm a bit of a gambler myself and something that I've learned is that if you want to win more poker hands, you have to play more poker hands. As an entrepreneur (and there are those who would say entrepreneurship is gambling), I've learned that sometimes you've just got to suck it up and take a risk.

This doesn't mean you should pull out your life savings and dump the entire thing into whatever great idea it is that you think you have. Oh, it's been done by others, sometimes with amazing success, but I would never advocate taking that big of a risk.

I should point out that, if you're going to go ahead and play 2-7 in a Texas Hold 'Em match, there are several ways to do it. Here are just three of those:

  1. Go hog wild and bluff like a maniac, putting all your chips at big risk
  2. Get in cheap, witness the flop (the first three of five community cards that all players can use to complete a five-card hand), and then reassess your risk versus reward
  3. Observe your opponent over time before taking a chance with a high-risk hand, and then play it in a fashion that will most likely get your opponent to fold to you — or simply don't play it if your observations indicate your opponent might not fold

In the first case, everybody might fold and you'll win the blinds and antes. A mere pittance. You'll have put up a huge risk that's simply too high for the reward gained. If anybody calls you, the potential reward is great, but you're practically guaranteed to lose everything.

If you're incredibly lucky, you'll get more than one caller, win the hand, and reap a huge reward. But this happens rarely, just as stories of entrepreneurs who risk everything on some venture, yet meet with success in the end. These tales are inspirational, sometimes even legendary, but they are few and far between.

The second scenario is the "get your feet wet" approach. You get in for very little money, observe how things are going, and decide your next moved based on the current situation. You might find that you're able to bluff in order to win, or that you got lucky and are now able to proceed with a high probability of success.

In business, sometimes you need to take it slow. Entrepreneurs and gamblers are often regarded as risk takers. But the most successful ones are those who fully understand what they are getting into and carefully calculate risk versus reward with scientific observation and study.

In the third option, you are essentially waiting for the right opportunity to arise, then pouncing on it when it does. It requires that you be prepared when that opportunity does arrive. Successful entrepreneurs are hard-working entrepreneurs. They preemptively prepare for success so that they can seize it when the opportunity comes about.

Successful poker players are the same way. The winningest ones don't just jump from game to game, hoping to get lucky. They prepare by studying the game, looking for an advantage, watching and re-watching videos of their opponents, and developing winning strategies that evolve over time and act accordingly. They learn from their mistakes and they adjust their game plan with each failure.

Additionally, every gambler understands the need to take risks. At some point, every poker player is going to have to play 2-7 if they want to win. Going into business for yourself is a gamble–don't let anybody tell you otherwise. But if you're going to do it, you'd better get comfortable with taking risks and even losing every once in awhile.

About the Author:

Stuart handles search engine optimization strategy and education at Doba. In the past, he has worked as Content Manager for one of the nation's leading online advertising agencies and manager of a department store's eBay PowerSeller account. He has also authored hundreds of articles on online business success along with several eBooks, and is the co-author of Drop Shipping For Dummies. Stuart enjoys card games, particularly poker which he first took up over 23 years ago. When opportunity permits, you can find him (not) counting cards in Las Vegas or catching one of the many great shows on the Vegas strip. Stuart also occasionally volunteers as a DJ at a local radio station.

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Member Q and A Member Q&A: Doba Tutorial: Watch Lists

By Jason Cook, Support Supervisor - Doba

With over 1 million products in the Doba product catalog, searching, organizing, and monitoring those products can be quite the chore. That is why Doba created the Watch Lists feature. With the Doba Watch Lists feature you can monitor products you're researching or selling, quickly order products your selling, and perform custom data exports. Understanding how to set up and use the Watch Lists will help you understand the product catalog more effective and efficiently.

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About the Author:

Jason Cook - Marketing Technology Specialist, Doba
Every company our size needs an ombudsman — that one person who works tirelessly to ensure customers' concerns are heard and addressed — and here at Doba, Jason is that person. A recent college graduate (Bachelors of Science degree in Information Systems from the University of Utah), when he's not working, Jason can be found watching as much football as his wife will let him, or up in the mountains snowboarding at his favorite resort, Snowbird.


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New Suppliers Supplier Information: New Suppliers and Products from the Doba Product Catalog

Starting an online business is relatively easy. Making it a success takes hard work and the right mix of products. To help you achieve your business-related goals, we recently added new wholesale suppliers and manufacturer to the Doba Catalog:

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