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Top Five Online Retail Blunders

Online retailers can make a lot of money by providing customers with low prices, quick delivery and easy access to products that may be difficult to get in physical stores. However, many online retailers make mistakes that cause customers to lose interest in the store or buy from the competition. If you have an online retail store, make sure you don't engage in any of these top five online retail blunders.

1. Requiring a log-in before browsing or purchasing.

Don't require visitors to create an account just to see your merchandise or to make their first purchase. If ...

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Growing Sales with On-Demand Inventory

One way online retailers can quickly grow their business is to pursue the “long tail” strategy of offering a wide selection of low-demand products. By offering diverse brands and products, online retailers can increase traffic, sales, market share, customer loyalty, and repeat business. Unfortunately, pursuing the long tail strategy increases operational cost and complexity. It requiring retailers to grow inventory and manage multiple supplier relationship, which are major headaches and can be cost-prohibitive. Drop shipping is a solution that gives online retailers access to a vast assortment of inventory on demand. But how do you manage the pain of drop shipping from multiple suppliers?

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