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Sanvi Auto Lighting
Our company is a professional manufacturer of automotive lighting products, LED headlight bulbs, bi LED projector lens headlight, laser headlight, xenon projector lens headlight, HID bulbs, HID ballast, auto lights retrofit kits and tools, other auto lights and accessories. We have professional R& AMP; D team, two production workshops, auto lights retrofit warkshops. OEM, ODM, other design and customization welcome. Our company is located in Baiyun District, Guangzhou, China. Traffic here is very convenient. It will take 30 minutes to Baiyun Airport, 40 minutes to Guangzhou Canton Fair. Sanvi has more than 10 years experience in auto lighting system, has our own workshop, retrofit department, sales department. Will provide high quality auto lights and afersales service. Our LED headlight bulbs, LED projector lens headlight, laser headlight are popular and hot sale in Russia, Ukraine, USA, Mexico, Canada, Vietnam, Indonesia, etc.
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