B2 Studio
Shipping Origin:United States
Freight Strategy:Free Shipping & Variable Shipping
We are a major manufacturer of hand-made decorative glass vases. We sell our products from a warehouse in the USA for dropshipping customers and wholesalers. Today, more than 200 SKU (2000 product units) are available for order. We are ready to provide you with: 1. High margin. We offer competitive prices which give you possibility to have high sales and margin. 2. We are a manufacturer. This means that we can deliver goods in large quantities. 3. Wide assortment. We have more than 300 decors and more than 20 shapes of vase 4. Fast delivery. More than 2000 pcs. in stock in the USA. 5. Safe transport packaging (thick cardboard, polystyrene, bubble wrap). 6. Complete information about the product, photo and video content. 7. Custom production. We could develop new decors according to your collections/products. 8. Comfortable conditions of cooperation. We offer drop-shipping and wholesale. 9. The product is not subject to mandatory certification.
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