How Doba Works Start Reselling Today.

Doba handles the tedious tasks so you can focus on serving your customers and making money. Here’s how it works:

Find a product in the Doba catalog to sell
Discover products that you’d like to sell within our drop ship catalog. Our latest count is well over 2,000,000 products, so you have plenty to choose from! Organize your products into inventory lists that you can export seamlessly to your store.
List and sell the product
List products on your website or popular auction sites like eBay. Doba makes uploading products easy, complete with photos and full product descriptions. Fill your online store with hundreds of products in minutes!
Collect the payment
After a product sells, collect your money from the buyer.
Process the sale with Doba
After the buyer has paid you, log in to your Doba account and order the product at wholesale cost. Any money you receive above that cost is your profit. You also save time by managing orders from different suppliers all in one place.
Product gets shipped to your customer
When you place the order through Doba, just enter the customer’s shipping address and your work is done. Doba will have the product shipped directly to the customer for you, which means you’ll never have to waste the time and money required to ship the product yourself.
Sell again. Profit again.
The time you save by avoiding warehousing and shipping issues can be spent focusing on what you do best: researching new products, serving your customers and selling!

100+ Shopping Cart Integrations

Do you already have a favorite shopping cart platform? We are almost certainly integrated with it. Find your preferred platform on our list of Certified Integrated Partners or Custom Data Export Partners.

If your platform isn’t on our list, please let us (and them!) know. We’re always adding new partners and would love to add your shopping cart provider to our growing list of integrations.

Certified Integrated Partners
1ShoppingCart 3DCart CommerceRocket PinnacleCart
See The Full List
Custom Data Export Partners
Bigcommerce Shopify Volusion
See The Full List

Push to Marketplace Tool: Sell on eBay or Facebook in Seconds

While other drop ship solutions also provide tools to list on eBay, Doba offers more. Doba is an eBay Certified Compatible Application. This means we meet eBay’s highest standard of technical quality and reliability. You can easily upload multiple professional-looking auction or Buy It Now listings with images and full descriptions in seconds.

You also have the ability to sell products to friends and followers on Facebook thanks to Doba’s integration with Ecwid, the premier name in social commerce. Start with a free Ecwid plan, or choose a low-cost plan and list hundreds of Doba products to a fully customizable Facebook storefront.

Check Out All of Doba’s Features

Doba has the most complete feature set of any drop shipping service provider. See the entire list of features and how we stack up against the competition.

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Learn More About Drop Shipping

If you’re new to the concept of drop shipping, learn more about the pros and cons of this retail model. We’ve prepared a simple walkthrough to help you figure out if drop shipping is right for you.

Drop Shipping Basics