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  • dropship Five-link wall painting Homejoy
  • dropship Five-link wall painting Homejoy

Five-link wall painting Homejoy

Item No.: D0101HP7SP7
dropship Five-link wall painting Homejoy

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Weight(g): No frame-20x30x2 20x40x2 20x50x1:220; No frame-40x50x2 40x80x2 40x100x1:610; Frame-30x60x4 30x80x1:2700; Frame-20x40x4 20x55x1:1400; Frame-40x80x4 40x100x1:5520; No frame-40x80x4 40x100x1:700; Frame-30x40x2 30x60x2 30x80x1:2580; Frame-20x30x2 20x40x2 20x50x1:1740; Frame-40x50x2 40x80x2 40x100x1:3360; No frame-20x40x4 20x55x1:220; No frame-30x40x2 30x60x2 30x80x1:350; No frame-30x60x4 30x80x1:360.

Package Weight(g): No frame-20x30x2 20x40x2 20x50x1:240; No frame-40x50x2 40x80x2 40x100x1:630; Frame-30x60x4 30x80x1:7400; Frame-20x40x4 20x55x1:1420; Frame-40x80x4 40x100x1:15800; No frame-40x80x4 40x100x1:720; Frame-30x40x2 30x60x2 30x80x1:7400; Frame-20x30x2 20x40x2 20x50x1:1760; Frame-40x50x2 40x80x2 40x100x1:12200; No frame-20x40x4 20x55x1:240; No frame-30x40x2 30x60x2 30x80x1:370; No frame-30x60x4 30x80x1:380.

Package Size(mm): No frame-20x30x2 20x40x2 20x50x1: **1; No frame-40x50x2 40x80x2 40x100x1: **1; Frame-30x60x4 30x80x1: **20; Frame-20x40x4 20x55x1: **20; Frame-40x80x4 40x100x1: **20; No frame-40x80x4 40x100x1: **1; Frame-30x40x2 30x60x2 30x80x1: **20; Frame-20x30x2 20x40x2 20x50x1: **20; Frame-40x50x2 40x80x2 40x100x1: **20; No frame-20x40x4 20x55x1: **1; No frame-30x40x2 30x60x2 30x80x1: **1; No frame-30x60x4 30x80x1: **1.

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