• dropship 350mAh Battery - CS-GDB001RC / Li-Polymer / Volts: 3.7

350mAh Battery - CS-GDB001RC / Li-Polymer / Volts: 3.7

Item No.: D0102HE453G

dropship 350mAh Battery - CS-GDB001RC / Li-Polymer / Volts: 3.7
US$ 6.35 to  United States , Est. delivery time 3-8 days


Processing time:
3 Business Days (Estimated)

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Available Item Count : 3554
Shipping Origin : United States
Freight Strategy : Variable Shipping
Estimated Processing Time : 3 Business Days


  • Unlimited
  • United States
  • 350mAh / 1.30Wh
  • Li-Polymer
  • 3.7
  • 4894128086819
  • 36.06 x 28.57 x 4.24mm
  • 29g
  • 4g


Shipping From:  United States
Shipping Method
Ship-to Country/Region
Shipping Cost
Estimated Delivery Time
United States(the 50 States)
Within 0.2491 lbs, the shipping rate is US$ 6.35. For every additional 0.2204 lbs the shipping rate is US$ 1.06
3-8 Days
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  • We don’t support order cancellation before shipping.
  • We don’t accept non-defective remorse returns.
  • If the item was delivered damaged or defective, you will need to return them, and we will provide a return label.
  • We don't offer warranties to retailers.

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Damaged or Broken, Stains/Minor scratch/Poor quality, etc., Not as described (size/color/style), Wrong item received, Missing Item/accessories

CS Battery don't accept returns without quality problems. CS Battery warranties is 12 months in length (Start from the date the products are delivered to you). This warranty is using for those products which are free from defects, both in material and workmanship. This warranty does not extend to damage which occurs in shipment, or due to the use of parts & accessories which are not supplied by CS Battery, nor failure application which results from misuse, neglect, accident, abuse, alternation, improper installation or maintenance.

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