• dropship Fill-Rite S100H1315 1" Multi-Plane Swivel

Fill-Rite S100H1315 1" Multi-Plane Swivel

Item No.: D0102HPDP7A
dropship Fill-Rite S100H1315 1" Multi-Plane Swivel
US$ 21.06 to  United States , Est. delivery time 1-5 days

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Processing time:
10 Business Days (Estimated)
Tuthill Corporation
Available Item Count : 226
Shipping Origin : United States
Freight Strategy : Variable Shipping
Estimated Processing Time : 3-10 Business Days
Sotera 400G9734 12V DC Motor for 400 Series Pumps
Fill-Rite FR112C Rotary Hand Pump with Discharge Hose, Nozzle Spout, Suction Pipe, and Gallon Counter
Fill-Rite 820 1" 2-20 GPM(8-76 LPM) Digital Nutating Disc Fuel Transfer Meter For Use With Water, Diesel, and Mild Chemicals
Fill-Rite 901CMK300V 1" 6-40 GPM 4 Wheel Mechanical Meter, Aluminum, Fuel Transfer Gallon Meter with Castings and Fittings to Mount on FR300 and FR700 Series Pumps
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Fill-Rite FR110 Rotary Hand Pump


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  • Fill-Rite
  • Canada,Puerto Rico,United States


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10 in * 1 in * 8 in
1.3 lb
Shipping From:  United States
Shipping Method
Ship-to Country/Region
Shipping Cost
Estimated Delivery Time
UPS Ground
United States(the 50 States)
Flat Rate: US$ 21.06
1-5 Days
Flat Rate: US$ 63.16
1-10 Days
Puerto Rico
Flat Rate: US$ 63.16
1-10 Days


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