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Vera Wang in cooperation with the house of Coty presents her new perfume named Vera Wang Look in November 2008 when her fashion collection fall/winter 2008-2009 will also be presented. Design of her new collection goes through a change of colours moods models... The new perfume Vera Wang Look is closely connected with her fashion line. It represents style desire fashion and all positive energy the fashion line introduces. The perfume brings self-esteem whether it be visually or olfactively. Look was created in cooperation with Firmenich. It introduces notes of mandarin watery greens litchi and golden deliches apple in the top notes. The heart incorporates lily freesia and jasmine while the base notes introduce a rhapsody of sweet vanilla musk oak moss and patchouli. Commercial for this perfume is very interesting since the bottle a glass prism is set in the first plan while a model is standing behind it and is looking into us which expresses that the model is watching the world through a prism. The package is of matt grey colour and includes light grey contours which are visible on the box and on the name Look which is written in light orange colour in the middle of the package. Advertising campaign was made by Steven Meisel. The perfume is available as 30ml (1.0oz) 50ml (1.7oz.) and 100ml (3.4oz) in Eau de Parfume concentration. The new perfume Vera Wang Look is accompanied with a fragrant collection of body care products: body lotion body cream and bath (200 ml each).
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