Success Stories

People like you are using Doba to start or grow their retail businesses with great results.

Travis Shofner

Member Since August 2012

"Doba’s customer service people are very helpful when I need their assistance. I also like how you inform us about new suppliers, any special deals with suppliers and their products, and so on. This is a similar approach to how I treat my customers (with care and respect). Ultimately, that’s what I believe makes a difference in my business's growth."

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Rupesh Sanghavi

Member Since August 2008

"While researching other drop-ship aggregators, I found Doba and liked the idea that you carried products from many different categories, allowing me to work with hundreds of suppliers with one account."

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Kelan Kline

Member Since February 2008

“I can choose the products I want to sell, add them to an inventory list and the list them for sale on various marketplaces such as eBay and Amazon. This saves me a lot of time!”

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Jerry Rodriguez

Member Since April 2009

"I kicked the tires on a lot of drop shipping programs. I found Doba to be head and shoulders above the rest from a system integration standpoint."

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Eric Nieves

Member Since May 2012

"What I like to sell I can always find in the Doba catalog. The products are always there. The ease of use that Doba affords is the greatest asset to me. The technology is very intuitive."

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Tim O'Bryant

Member Since September 2009

"They taught me the value of drop shipping, and that, if I’m selling online, then I should work with suppliers that are willing to drop-ship their products to my customers. They recommended Doba because of its reputation, ease of use, and huge catalog of products. I currently have a 15 percent profit margin. Last month I made $2,100. Not bad for a part-time job that I can manage anywhere."

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Zafer Aktas

Member Since September 2005

"My sales increased 100% in my bedding niche after working with Doba! I would recommend Doba for its great source of niche specific products, convenient ordering and inventory tracking. Doba makes eCommerce easier when you find this all under one platform."

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