Kelan Kline Member Since February 2008

“I can choose the products I want to sell, add them to an inventory list and the list them for sale on various marketplaces such as eBay and Amazon. This saves me a lot of time!”

How did you get started with Doba?

I loved the idea of drop shipping. I didn’t have money to open up a warehouse or buy products in bulk. I was looking for a source of products that would eliminate that risk but still allow me to grow my business. I liked how Doba had so many products and established relationships with multiple suppliers. So I started the free trial and haven’t looked back.

How does Doba help grow your online retail business?

You guys have a lot of products and continue to add more every month. With one account I have visibility into 1.5 million SKUs. I can see inventory counts, product descriptions, pricing and images from hundreds of suppliers in one catalog. This saves me a lot of time! I can’t imagine how much time it would take for me to check on inventory statuses, order statuses and get product images and descriptions from these suppliers independently. I can choose the products I want to sell, add them to an inventory list and export them into an Excel file and then list them for sale on various marketplaces, such as eBay and Amazon. Plus, I have one customer service center to contact in regard to any of my orders. Time saving is truly priceless!

Where do you currently sell products?

I only sell on eBay and Amazon. Right now I use Doba’s Data Export to export the product data I want to sell on Amazon in an Excel file. I am then able to modify the data so I can import it into Amazon. I recently learned that Doba has created an Amazon custom data export file that allows me to export the data right into Amazon’s data format. Again, another time saver!

On average, what is your profit margin in selling products that are drop shipped from suppliers found in the Doba catalog?

Profit margins really do range, depending on the category of products. I like to sell small appliances, health and beauty, fridges, fan gear, etc., where my margin ranges from 5 percent to 10 percent. Not a bad way to make an extra $600 / month as a part time hobby!

What have you done to make your business stand out?

Since I only sell on eBay and Amazon, it’s very important that I maintain positive feedback. Without it buyers will go somewhere else. I promote a “100 percent satisfaction guarantee.” I mention it on all my product ads. I want the customer to know that my goal is to make them happy and if they aren’t, then I’m there to take care of them. You also learn a lot of useful marketing tips and tricks running a business like this for so long.

What percentage of your product SKU’s are drop shipped?

All of them. I’m currently selling 6k SKUs between eBay and Amazon. My experience shows that I sell more products on Amazon, but I’m able to get better margins on my products selling on eBay. I think this is based on the types of products I sell.

How much time per day do you spend running your ecommerce business, and how is that different from before (when you didn't use Doba)?

I spend around five to 10 hours a week when I’m working on my business part time. Before, I would spend around the same amount of time — but less efficiently. That changed when I started using Doba’s data feed.

What's next for you? Will you continue selling on eBay and Amazon, and are you thinking about launching your own webstore?

I will continue to sell on eBay and Amazon, but as my business grows, launching my own website/ecommerce store is something I’m looking into doing.