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Using Doba Direct, you eliminate website costs—from creation to maintenance.Dropshipping made easy. Start selling on social networks and grow your business!
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Leverage Doba Direct to find and sell products directly to your buyers
Optimize Your Social Media Presence and Focus on Making Sales
One-stop Product Sourcing and Order Fulfillment Solution
Try to optimize your social media presence while building lasting relationships with customers through content creation. Streamline the process of sourcing products and fulfilling orders so you can focus on making sales!
Find Your Social Media Niche from Doba's Rich Products
Discover and leverage your social media niche with over 700,00 products from over 1,000 suppliers with Doba! Start selling today!
Sell Curated Products on Social Networks Easily
You will also be recommended winning products based on Doba’s market research and extensive data analysis. Easily share hot products on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, e-mail, and various other social media, and watch the sales roll in.
Accept Payments Directly without Technical Hurdle
Doba connects you with the Stripe payment gateway, enabling you to provide your customers with a safe and convenient payment experience, increasing your sales. Additionally, funds paid by your customers directly go into your Stripe account.
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Available for US users
Doba Direct enables you to makes sales without a website.
Doba Direct enables you to makes sales without a website.
Social Networks Dropshipping Reimagined

How Doba Direct Works: Step by Step

  • Step1
    Start by creating your Doba Direct store
  • Step2
    Discover hot/trending products you wish to sell
  • Step3
    Compare and set retail prices for your products
  • Step4
    Get the generated links and share to your social network
  • Step5
    Promote your products and increase orders
  • Step6
    View and track your sales from Doba Direct
  • Step7
    Manage and place orders through Doba
  • Step8
    Our suppliers will ship the products directly to your customers