Refund process introduction

Step1: You can request return in the “purchase orders” option and click “request return” button.

Step2: There has two refund type “refund without return” and “refund after return” >> If you don’t receive the package,you need to choose “refund without return”. If you received the package,you need to choose “refund after return” first,and wheather you need to return the products depends on the supplier.

Step3: We have 6 kinds of refund reasons for you choose >> if there has something wrong with the product you received, you need to provide us the pictures as below. After the supplier see your refund request,they will handle it ASAP.

  1. Pic of outer box (especially broken part of outer box). 
  2. Pic of inner package (especially broken part of inner package).
  3. Pic of shipping lable (shipping lable sticked in outer box).
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