Doba Referral Rewards Program

Invite a Friend & You Earn $10

Your friend will get an extended 60-day free trial
Earn even more with more referrals
How It Works

What is the Doba Referral Rewards Program?

The Doba Referral Rewards Program is the most recommended program for new users with the rewards for new and referred users after sign up.

How does the Doba Referral Rewards Program Work?

  • Send Registration Link

    Send Registration Link

    Send Doba registration link: and retailer ID (Get it in the top right corner of the page after login) to referral users who are not registered.

  • Referrals Click to Register

    New referred users click the registration link and complete the form with the referrers’ retailer ID when registering.

    Referrals Click to Register
  • Earn Rewards

    Earn Rewards

    After referrals complete the registration and connect their stores, the referrer receives $10 PrePay Cash Reward and new users get an extended 60-day free trial.

Earn more with the Referral Rewards Program!

Terms and Conditions:

1. Offer valid: December 21, 2021 – January 20, 2022
2. Cash Rewards will be completed within 7 business days after new users register and connect their stores.
3. The stores that new registered users connect will require approval.
4. If malicious operations are found, the platform has the right to cancel the qualification and revoke access.