Store Setting

1.) You had better to choose “update each time inventory changes” and “set store sku inventory to zero” to manage the inventory information of the products you listed to your store.

2.) You had better to choose “All Store Orders” as in this way you can also find the items which you forgot to add the connection >> Click “Upload automatically”, then the tracking number will sync to your store front automatically >> Set your minimum expected profit margin >> You can edit your billing address here

3.) If you click “Compare at Price”, a comparison price will be displayed in your store and the system will multiply the original price by twice plus the shipping cost as the compare at price. You can also adjust it by yourself. >> you had better to click “Shipping”, the system will automatically add shipping cost for you when setting the sales price. >> If you click “sale price”, this is the retail price of the product you sold in the store. The default retail price is 20% profit plus shipping. You can also adjust it yourself.

4.) If you connected your Amazon store with Doba, you can set “Fulfillment Latency” in the Doba back-end.

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