How to modify account information?

How to modify personal information?

Step 1: Enter your account settings page.

Step 2: You could edit your profile in the top right corner, you could change all of those information about you in the photo, and please remember to confirm after you changed your profile.

How to change login password and email address, payment password?

If you want to change your password or payment password , you should click “change” behind the relevant information in left bottom.

Changing those information would need to verify by your Register Email.

How to manage and add addresses?

 If you want to manage your address, you should enter the “Manage Address” page.

Click “Add Address”, then you can add a new address. Please remember to save your new address after edit.

 If you want to edit, delete or choose one of your addresses as default. You just need to click the button in the right bottom.

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