Purchase Order page introduction

When you enter the “Purchase orders” page,you could check the order status and order information.

Step 1: Log in the Doba center, then enter the “purchase orders” page.

Step 2: There are 8 kinds of order states for Doba platform orders, including "awaiting Payment", "Pending", "unshipped", "in transit", "completed", "closed", and "in Refund". " in Chargeback".

Those 8 orders states have different meanings:

  1. “awaiting payment”means that the synchronous orders are waiting for the payment.
  2. “pending”means that the order had been paid but waiting for the system approval.
  3. “unshipped”means that suppliers still do not ship out the orders.
  4. “in transit”means that the product has been shipped and is being transported.
  5. “completed”means that The package has been delivered and the order has been completed.
  6. “closed”means that the buyer cancels the order or the supplier cancels the order for some reason, and the order has been closed.
  7. “in Refund”means that the buyer submit refund request, and the order is being processed after sale.
  8. “in chargeback”means that buyer submit a chargeback.

Step 3:In the "Purchase Order" page, you can also know your shop order number, Doba order number, order time, place of shipment, delivery method and payment amount.

Step 4: There are three buttons on the right side of each order: "View Details", "Request Refund" and "Contact Seller".

  1. "View Details", you can see the order information and logistics information here, also can download the order invoice.
  2. “Request Refund”, you can apply for a Refund here.
  3. “Contact Seller”,You can contact suppliers here.
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