Prepaid Label Orders

Some products on Doba support picking up with prepaid shipping labels. You may choose this model when placing orders, especially if you are selling on such platforms as Wayfair, Overstock, et cetera. Just upload the prepaid shipping label to Doba, then the seller will automatically receive it and send the label to the warehouse, then the warehouse staff will print it out and apply it to the package, then contact the shipping carrier to pick up the package later. It sounds complicated, but all you need to do during this process is to upload the prepaid shipping label, and leave everything else to Doba, the seller, the warehouse, and the shipping carrier.

Now, let’s see how to find the products which support Pickup.

On the product searching result page, you may check this filter to search them out. If a product does support Pickup, you may also find this on the “Product Details” page.

Next, let’s talk about how to place Pickup orders.

On a “Product Details” page, click “pick up with a prepaid label”, then you will enter the Template downloading page. There’s a second way to enter this page, on the “Purchase Orders” page, click “Place Multiple Orders”.

Anyway, on the downloading page, please click “Download Pickup Template”. Wait for a while for the downloading to complete, then open the file.

Then, please fill out the form, according to the sample row. For “Country/Region”, you must choose one from the second sheet only. You can copy the Item Number on the product details page, and paste it back here. For “Shipping Service Provider”, you must choose one from the third sheet only. Fill in all the cells, and please don’t forget to delete the sample row.

Finally, please save and close the file.

Then, return to the web page, click “Choose File”, find and select the template file you just saved, click “Open”, then click “Upload & Preview”.

If something is wrong, you will find this error message after you click the button. In this case, please click here to download the Error Report, modify the template, and try again.

If everything is OK, you will enter the “Order Review” page. Here, please review the order. And click here to upload your shipping labels. Please note we only support PDF and some picture formats. And the file shouldn’t exceed one and a half megabytes. If you have more than one shipping label for the same order, please rename them as the Store Order ID, plus an underscore, plus a serial number. And please remember: one shipping label can only be uploaded once, to one order.

After the label files are uploaded, please check the other aspects of the order.

Then click Pay Now to enter the “Payment” page, here, please choose a method, and complete the payment.

Now, the Pick-up order placing process is completed.

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