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HUMI-SMART 2-WAY HUMIDITY CONTROL is a two-way humidity pack that provides a perfectly stable relative humidity (RH) for the storage of a variety of products in air-tight sealed containers. Place HUMI-SMART right in your container to maintain contents at the perfect air humidity level. ACTIVE TWO-WAY humidity (RH%) control: HUMI-SMART is ALL NATURAL HUMI-SMART is PLANT-BASED HUMI-SMART is EARTH FRIENDLY HUMI-SMART contains NO PRESERVATIVES HUMI-SMART contains NO CORROSIVE SALTS HUMI-SMART can NOT SPILL OR LEAK HUMI-SMART is available in MANY SIZES and RH% LEVELS HUMI-SMART will NOT CHANGE THE FLAVOR OF YOUR FLOWER All HUMI-SMART products are tear-resistant and spill-proof, ALL NATURAL, biodegradable and non-toxic. In addition, they're 100% CORROSIVE SALT-FREE, so they won't alter the taste of your cannabis or premium cigars.