• dropship Cullen 3PC BEDSPREAD SET
  • dropship Cullen 3PC BEDSPREAD SET
  • dropship Cullen 3PC BEDSPREAD SET
  • dropship Cullen 3PC BEDSPREAD SET
  • dropship Cullen 3PC BEDSPREAD SET
  • dropship Cullen 3PC BEDSPREAD SET


Item No.: D0102HXZSDJ
dropship Cullen 3PC BEDSPREAD SET
US$ 5.27 to  United States , Est. delivery time 1-7 days

Via UPS Ground

Processing time:
3 Business Days (Estimated)
Available Item Count : 89
Shipping Origin : United States
Freight Strategy : N/A
Estimated Processing Time : 3 Business Days


  • 3pcs bedspread set


  • 843688114412
  • ESCA
  • United States


12 in * 16 in * 8 in
6 lb
Shipping From:  United States
Shipping Method
Ship-to Country/Region
Shipping Cost
Estimated Delivery Time
UPS Ground
United States(the 50 States)
Flat Rate: US$ 5.27
1-7 Days

Important Notice

1.For after-sales issues, retailers should file a return & refund application within 15 days from the delivery day.
2.We support order cancellation before shipping.
3.We don’t accept non-defective remorse returns.
4.We don't offer warranties to retailers.

Service Policy for Other Refund Reasons

1.Logistic Issues

Delayed in transit/No tracking info.

If there is no update of the tracking info for more than 10 business days (from the time in the logistics website tracking info), the buyer shall contact [email protected] or contact us through Doba account with Contact Message for a solution. Note: this clause is not applicable for special time/periods such as holidays, covid-19, abnormal weather, or other abnormal situations.

Destroyed in transit

If the order is damaged in transit, i.e. tracking showing damage occurred during transit, the buyer can request refund with the screenshot of tracking as a proof.

Returned to sender

If tracking shows the order returned to sender due to wrong address or rejection. Buyer will be responsible for the merchandise, no refund or redelivery.

Delivered but not received

If the transit time exceeds the estimated delivery time by 10 days or more and the supplier fails to provide proof of delivery, the buyer shall contact [email protected] or contact us through the Doba account with Contact Message.

2.Quality Issues

Damaged or Broken, Stains/Minor scratch/Poor quality, etc., Not as described(size/color/style), Wrong item received, Missing Item/accessories

When the buyer received the package and find products have quality issues, he/she can request a refund after return with photos or videos as a proof. If we accept the request, please make the return and upload the tracking within 15 days. In this case we would issue a 100% refund to you after you return the products in good condition. If the buyer choose to replace the products, please return the products with the quality issues to the supplier's warehouse first. After the products are received and inspected, the replacement products will be shipped.


Refunds will be processed within 10 days after we receive your package.

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