Join Our Team

Our employees love to work with us. You will too.

Why the love? We think it has something to do with our beliefs. We believe in deliberately acting to improve the experience of our employees. We believe in providing the best simplified products and services for our customers. And we believe in giving back to the communities we are a part of.

Our Work Environment

At Doba we strive to provide an environment that is casual, fun, and challenging. If you are viewing this page, we hope that you are considering coming and working with us. So that you know, we believe that Doba is the best place to work. Period. And many of our employees agree with us, just read some of their testimonials.


We provide a casual environment that fosters open communication and team cooperation. We believe that you can work just as effectively in shorts and a t-shirt as you can in traditional business attire. The environment is fast-paced and energetic, yet remains extremely friendly and positive.


We also believe that your job should be fun. Work at Doba is fun because you will work with fun people, you will work on fun projects, and ultimately your thoughts and ideas will be listened to and implemented. We also try to provide some mid-day recreation opportunities for our employees. And just wait until you experience Doba Spirit Day. It's like nothing you have ever seen at any company anywhere.


At Doba we know we have the best employees, and therefore, we expect only the best from them. Here you'll find a place where you can learn, progress, and grow. On a daily basis you'll be challenged by your co-workers and the things you do to think creatively, work hard, and make smart decisions. We believe that 99% of job satisfaction comes from being challenged and rising to meet those challenges.

Our Benefits

Doba understands that employment is the sum of many parts. Our compensation is very competitive. Our benefits round out what we feel is a complete package. The following are benefits that are included with your employment at Doba:

  • Medical insurance
  • Dental plans
  • Life insurance
  • Long-term and short-term disability
  • Flexible Spending Account (cafeteria plan)
  • Fidelity Simple IRA plan with company match
  • Incentive stock option program
  • Supplemental medical and dental plans
  • Company paid holidays
  • Paid time off (PTO)
  • Company sponsored events
  • Employee referral bonus program

What our employees say

Working at Doba has been a dream job for me. It has kept the spirit of a small company while providing the stability and benefits of a larger corporation. The people are great and the work is fun and challenging.

Ben Reece, Software Engineer

Overall this company has its largest strength in its leadership which everybody knows stems from the livelihood of the atmosphere and culture. Everyone is giving their best because they know their leaders have been giving them their best. This Company is like a good relationship built on trust. This is a rare trait in any business.

Elwon Bakly, Outbound Account Manager

I love my job! Challenging projects are always coming my way. I can’t think of a better way to grow and develop my skills.

Mike Bailey, Software Engineer

I really enjoy working at Doba. The management team creates an atmosphere where you can be successful while having fun doing so. Working at Doba, I truly feel a part of a team that is committed to succeed.

Rick Limon, Retail Account Manager

Doba provides the atmosphere and opportunity to work hard, grow, be creative, and have fun while you're at it. There are very few places inside or out of the business world like it. I was never able to say I was passionate about a job until I started working here. Which is exactly the point - Doba is not just a job". To sum it up in two words, Doba rocks!

Wes Lapioli, Account Consultant