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Retailers of all kinds use Doba to power their sourcing

Doba retailers are a diverse group spanning all kinds of product niches and selling channels. We have brick & mortar store owners, marketplace sellers, independent website businesses, and multi-channel retailers.

Target the retailers you want to do business with

Do you want to keep your products out of marketplaces and auction sites? We support that. Do you want to protect your brand with MAP pricing? We support that, too. Only want to sell to registered businesses? We can restrict your visibility within the platform to only those retailers.

Sell your products the way you want to sell them

The Doba marketplace is most well’known by retailers for the availability of single unit SKUs. However, you can also sell case packs and high volume wholesale quantities as separate listings.

In–house order management, fraud prevention, and customer support

Our experienced Supplier Services team operates out of our headquarters in Lehi, UT. We do not outsource any of our support operation to ensure that you have the smoothest and highest quality experience possible.

Get promoted in the Marketplace to increase visibility and sales

If you really want to make a splash, we can feature your products front and center in the marketplace and promote your products via email to our active retailer base.

Efficient product and order management capabilities

Upload products manually or via FTP or EDI formats. For high volume sellers, we provide a fully automated integration for an additional fee. Manage all incoming orders from any number of retailers in one place, saving tons of time and potential for error.

Check out all the features Doba provides its Suppliers

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  • Product Management
  • Company Profile Page
  • Centralized Order Management
  • SimpleSource Listing
  • Doba Deals
  • Priority Product Rank
  • Account Manager
  • Unlimited
  • Custom Upload or FTP
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Fequently Asked Questions

How does Doba handle returns?

Per the signed Doba agreement, our suppliers agree to a credit allowance of 3% to start. This means that Doba will deduct 3% from their payment batches and automatically accept all return requests as they are submitted by the retailer on Doba’s website. We do bi-annual reviews and edit the 3% to match what their actual returns volume is (higher/lower than 3%), unless otherwise agreed to.

Does Doba handle the enforcement of the MAP and marketplace restrictions that I specify?

As with any other retailer relationship that you have, you are primarily responsible for monitoring the presence of your products on marketplace sites and ensuring compliance with MAP restrictions by retailers that purchase from you. However, if you find Doba retailers that are in violation of your rules, we will assist in bringing those retailers into compliance. In cases where retailers repeatedly violate your restrictions, we will revoke their access to your products.

Are there other shipping options besides shipping on my own account?

Yes. When you have been approved, a Supplier Service Specialist will discuss all shipping options with you and choose the best method for your product selection. We help to find the right shipping strategy that will help make your products and pricing competitive within the marketplace. As far as setting shipping costs goes, we prefer all suppliers to provide a landed cost (i.e. shipping included in the price of the item — shown on the site as “Free shipping”) or to provide a fixed cost per order.