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Tips on Becoming an Upselling Guru

(Since upselling [selling an upgraded version of a product] and cross-selling [selling a product that compliments the purchase] are for the most part used interchangeably, this blog post will use “upselling” to represent both.)

Upselling is an extremely effective way of not only increasing profits, but also creating return customers.  When successfully used, this technique creates a buying environment that is both trustworthy and reliable.  Knowing how and when to upsell your customer is the difference between selling a $20 pair of pants and selling a $100 outfit, and securing a loyal shopper in the process.  So whether you’ve ...

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Growing Sales with On-Demand Inventory

One way online retailers can quickly grow their business is to pursue the “long tail” strategy of offering a wide selection of low-demand products. By offering diverse brands and products, online retailers can increase traffic, sales, market share, customer loyalty, and repeat business.

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