How to list Doba products to Shopify Part 2?

Method 1: ”list it to store” option in the product detail page >> Click "List it to Store" button and list it to your Shopify store

Method 2: ”list it to store” option in the “inventory list” page

Steps 1 Find products you want to list to your Shopify store >> Add it/them to the Inventory List >> Click "List it to Store" button and list it/them to your Shopify store


(NOTE:you can batch uploading less than 100 items at one time)

Step 2 Click "List it to Store" button >> Choose a platform & store & site and click "Continue" button >> Set your retailer price & edit your products info >> List products successfully

You can edit products info:

You can set your retailer price via entering your target profit:

You can also edit the product information after you listed it to shopify store successfully.

Method 3: Download shopify-product list format in DOBA backend then Upload it to shopify store

Note: If you use Method 2 to list products to your shopify store, the inventory and price information of the products on your shopify store will not sync with DOBA automatically.

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