How to use and manager tags in inventory List?

If you want to know how to use and manager the tags in the Inventory List, please follow these steps:

Step 1 Click products to product detail page >> Click "Add to Inventory List" button and add products to inventory list 

Step 2 A pop-up showed up to choose one of tag or add new tag to add products to the tag you choose >> Click "Confirm" button and add products to the tag choosed >> Go to Inventory List page and see the products add and a tag showed beside it

Step 3 Click "Tag Management" button to see the products collection file you added, you can click "Add New Tags" as well to add new products file

Step 4 Add s on products to make products collection first >> Click "Tag Management" button to tag management page >> Turn on the Monitor switch to track products update on the tag file basis, And also you could delete the tag in there >> Any update of the products in the tag file monitored will show in the "Update Info" page

Step 5 Click "Notification Settings" button to set notification rule >> Click "Add a New Notification Rule" button to set email notification rule

Step 6 Fill in Rule Name & Choose tag file & Choose frequency >> Done & click "Confirm" button to complete email notification rule >> Any update of the products in the tag file you choosed that you will receive mail alert according to your email notificatioin rule

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