If your company could help Doba retailers or suppliers achieve more success, we’d love to talk to you about a potential partnership.

Learn more here about our various partnership opportunities and apply to become an official Doba partner.

API Integration Partnerships


Technology companies that store their customer’s detailed product data and manage the order and fulfillment processes can increase their customer’s sales and distribution by integrating with Doba’s Marketplace. 


Technology companies that provide software solutions for online retailers can provide their customers with instant access to a database of over 2 million sellable products and standardized ordering and fulfillment from hundreds of reliable suppliers, by integrating with the Doba Marketplace.


If you are direct to consumer or employee loyalty website who wants to access Doba’s APIs to increase product selection and automate the fulfillment process, please visit Doba’s Enterprise API Solution.

Reseller and Referral Partners

Doba has a value added reseller program where companies can bundle or resell Doba’s services to their customers. Doba also has a referral program that compensates companies who promote Doba’s B2B Marketplace to their suppliers or retailers.


Companies who provide technology solutions for or maintain lists of suppliers, manufacturers, artisans, and distributors can promote Doba as another way for these companies to increase sales and gain distribution through Doba’s B2B Marketplace. Doba suppliers enjoy powerful retailer management tools, centralized order management, business analytics, and target product ads to Doba’s retailer community.


Companies who provide technology solutions for or maintain lists of online retailers or wholesale buyers can promote Doba as a service to help their customers diversify their product sourcing strategy. Doba immediately increases a retailer’s access to sellable inventory from suppliers willing to sell bulk wholesale or drop ship their products directly to customers.  Doba members also have access to a set of tools to quickly export and import product data into popular marketplaces such as eBay and Amazon as well over 100 of today’s most popular shopping cart platforms.

Apply to Become a Doba Partner

We review all partnership applications and integration projects. Someone from Business Development will contact you upon review.