Rozie's Pet Supply
Shipping Origin:United States
Freight Strategy:Variable Shipping
Rozie's Pet Supply is a Woman-Owned Business. A Texas-Based supplier and distributor -that is sourced directly from local farms. All the dog chews are 100% natural, free-range and grass-fed. Our range of products are made from Yak Cheese Chews and Water Buffalo Horn. Water Buffalo are fed with natural grass with no harmful chemicals and additives. Churpi Chews are made from the best Himalayan Yak and Cow milk sourced from the Himalayas. Our dog chews are safe, durable, & recommended for dental health. All our chews are rich in protein, calcium, and phosphorus with low fats that make them a healthy dietary addition to your dog's diet. The premium quality ideal chewy treats and toys for your fur babies who love and enjoy the natural chews. We are committed to making our brand the number one choice in natural treats for dogs by delivering our pet parents with the most nutritious chews ever made. All of our treats and chews are USDA approved and Vet Permitted.